Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Our New Product - the twinkyPop!

Introducing something new and exclusive from Twinky Winky Stars, the yummilicious twinkyPop! This sucker will definitely be a hit among the kiddos, so order them now for your kids' parties! 

Call 019-4705286 to place your order or email at snbaizurah.idris@gmail.com for more info. (Available only for customers in Penang)


  1. zoora : bole order for zahra, or any makan2 u haf with ur family ;-)

  2. after tis u buat la pisang stroberi apple plak hehehe patut aritu borong stroberi byk2 heheheh
    suka suka nnti i g sana nk rasa :P

  3. wah..macam sedap jer..saya ade dpt masa kenduri kawin member husben. sejibik cam ni..tapi dia wat 2lovela..

    thanks sebab sudi jenguk blog saya...blog ni pun cam best gak..i follow u hehe...:P