Sunday, March 7, 2010

Diaper Cupcakes Giveaway : Little Carliff

"I would love to win the delectable diaper cupcakes from TWINKY WINKY STARS (TWS) because.....
it travelled all the way from Mars,
make it the yummiest drop from the trillion stars,
with diapers, toys icing that i cant resist,
perfect as Carliff's second year birthday gift! (^^)"

Oh yes, it was Carliff's birthday on the 6th, thus making it the perfect timing to deliver the  the winning prize to his mother. They were having a little celebration and so we joined in the fun! It was nice meeting little Carliff and his mother. I hope they like the diaper cupcake as I had fun baking them.

Diaper cupcake consists of :
- 7 pieces Drypers
- 1 Old Navy T-Shirt
- 1 Anakku Sport Sipper
- 1 froggy bath toy
- 1 pair of socks

Plus packaging and TWS Greeting Card

Special delivery to the little munchkin on his birthday!

* To the other winners, we will be processing your winning prize and deliver them to you as soon as possible, insyaAllah.


  1. very nice one!! can't wait for the yummy-licious diaper cake for my lil Ariff (it happens that next month is his bday ;)

  2. Yeayyy..hip hip horeyyy..
    TQ sooo much Bai..tak sangka nak menang ni..
    terharu..n lil C say TQ too..
    TQ jugak sbb sudi dtg umah ke birthday party carliff yg very last minutes plan, sempoi2 gamble je tuh!
    i suka diapers cake tuh..(tak nak buka-lah!heheh)
    it was nice meeting the three of u! specially irfan..wowww mata dia cantik!!!

  3. best nyer!!! haiyahh!!! create a contest just for relatives la ... not fair la relatives are pushed aside like this ... i nak mogok ni!!! =P

  4. thanks everyone for your kind words :-)

  5. salam,

    tumpang ziarah tuan rumah ye. :)

    salam kenal jugak. bestnye dapat give-away camtu ekk?

    i ingat nak buat contest and letak give away special from dubai la..

    klu free please drop by to my place ya. :)

    nice meeting you.