Monday, March 1, 2010

Diaper Cupcake for Aqiqah

This diaper cupcake is a gift for a friend's son who turned 1 year 4 months just recently, and this gift is for his aqiqah ceremony.

Diaper cupcake consists of :
- 7 pieces of L size Drypers
- 1 set of 24 months Wonder Kids pyjamas
- 1 Anakku face towel
- 1 baby panda bathing toy
- 1 soft ball toy

Plus packaging and greeting card

Cupcake priced at : RM55


  1. the diaper cake is soooo lovely!!!well...i'm thinking of giving a diaper cup cake for my nephew (bday end of april nanti) it will be delivered in the nice form to the recipient rite (takut nanti bila dh sampai kat bday boy, jadi penyek during delivery/postal trasmission..)

  2. mama zharfan..insyaAllah selamat sampai. i've done delivery to gombak once and alhamdulillah, the recipient said it was intact. do leave me ur email so we can discuss this further ya ;-)

  3. since my nephew's bday is on 29 april how early should i place the order and make the payment yer? how much do u charge for delivery? my nephew memang in gombak area..
    my email :
    my budget is around RM70-RM100 (hopefully can give something sweet and nice for him ;)

  4. cunnn i suka ternganga2 aku hahahhaaaha
    nnti change banner ngan i

  5. wah senang sekarang nak cari hadiah untuk baby...datang jer sini...hehee

  6. ely : hhaha ada2 ja u nih. banner u tu bila click dia gi ke banner maker la...try adjust balik?

    kak nani : a'ah bole la tempah untuk baby2 yang bakal lahir ya ;-)