Monday, March 29, 2010

Fun bath time with Mr. Moo!

This (L) diaper cupcake is for a customer who had two things in mind for a gift to an acquaintance, that is something unique yet very much affordable  and she refused to go with the typical hamper ideas. Good choice she made! Even with limited budget, you can still give unique gifts for your friends and family!

Anyway, as per request, I came out with these basic cupcakes with a bath time theme. Perfect for a moderate budget gift!

Diaper cupcake consists of :

- 19 pieces of S size Drypers
- 1 gift set of Pureen toiletries + cotton buds
- 1 Moo bathing glove
- 1 Moo bath toy

Plus exclusive TWS packaging and greeting card.

Cupcake priced at only RM58!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's raining moon and star!!!

Moon and star themed twinkyPop! for Irfan's party. Plus 'Birthday Bash' party packs from TWS. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

For Penang customer only. Call or email for more info.

Diaper Cupcakes Giveaway - Teacher Nunu

This is a bit delayed, due to some unforeseen circumstances. However, we very much hope that Teacher Nunu will be ecstatic with her winning diaper cupcakes for the lovely twins as I really had fun baking these 'girl theme' cupcakes.

Congratulations on your newborn, dear!

Packed in this cute box that can be re-used for storage, they're ready to be sent to the winner!

Diaper cupcakes consists of :

- 7 pieces of S size Drypers
- 2 Anakku Printed Napkin
- 2 pairs of Rompers
- 1 set of Squeaky Bath Duck
- 1 piece of Sesame Street baby nail clipper
- 1 girl-character bathing glove

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Diaper Cupcakes Giveaway : Little Ariff

This is the winning prize for newborn category. Sorry to Suzie for taking longer than expected to process your diaper cupcake. They shall be posted soon to your mailing address.

Diaper cupcakes consists of :

- 7 pieces of L size Drypers
- 1 Anakku Printed Napkin
- 1 pair of socks
- 1 H n M long-sleeve T-Shirt
- 2 pieces of Tollyjoy heat-sensitive Feeding Spoon
- 1 Bee Bath Toy

Our New Product - the twinkyPop!

Introducing something new and exclusive from Twinky Winky Stars, the yummilicious twinkyPop! This sucker will definitely be a hit among the kiddos, so order them now for your kids' parties! 

Call 019-4705286 to place your order or email at for more info. (Available only for customers in Penang)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Diaper Cupcakes Giveaway : Little Carliff

"I would love to win the delectable diaper cupcakes from TWINKY WINKY STARS (TWS) because.....
it travelled all the way from Mars,
make it the yummiest drop from the trillion stars,
with diapers, toys icing that i cant resist,
perfect as Carliff's second year birthday gift! (^^)"

Oh yes, it was Carliff's birthday on the 6th, thus making it the perfect timing to deliver the  the winning prize to his mother. They were having a little celebration and so we joined in the fun! It was nice meeting little Carliff and his mother. I hope they like the diaper cupcake as I had fun baking them.

Diaper cupcake consists of :
- 7 pieces Drypers
- 1 Old Navy T-Shirt
- 1 Anakku Sport Sipper
- 1 froggy bath toy
- 1 pair of socks

Plus packaging and TWS Greeting Card

Special delivery to the little munchkin on his birthday!

* To the other winners, we will be processing your winning prize and deliver them to you as soon as possible, insyaAllah.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

And The Winners of Diaper Cupcakes Giveaway ARE... *drum rolls*

Finally, the results for Diaper Cupcakes Giveaway organized by Twinky Winky Stars are out. However, before that we would like to thank all of you for participating in this contest. Some of you participated just because you feel the need to support us, and for that, we could never thank you enough. All participants had been pretty good, but as it is with every contest and competitions, there could only be one winner among all.

Thus, after 2 rounds of judging, we've selected these 2 slogans as the BEST and MOST CREATIVE for each categories :


"I would love to win the delectable diaper cupcakes from TWINKY WINKY STARS (TWS) because...
the joy of winning The World's loveliest Souvenir for my lil ones is simply describable in three words - Terrific, Wonderful, Stunning!"
(Mama Zharfan from


"I would love to win the delectable diaper cupcakes from TWINKY WINKY STARS (TWS) because.....
it travelled all the way from Mars,
make it the yummiest drop from the trillion stars,
with diapers, toys icing that i cant resist,
perfect as Carliff's second year birthday gift! (^^)"
(Aiza from

To the winners, please email us at with the details.

And as promised, we've decided to GIVEAWAY ANOTHER DIAPER CUPCAKE to the following blogger as she is about/ has already delivered her twin babies! This is our way of saying thank you for going through all the trouble to participate in the contest even though she was due anytime then.

To TEACHER NUNU from, please contact us with the details of your double joy! ;-)

Thanks a bunch guys. And  to all the other participants, fret not! As a token of appreciation, we would love to offer you FREE DELIVERY, anywhere in Peninsular Malaysia if you order our diaper cake / cupcake worth RM60 and above. While for those in Penang Island, a RM10 voucher will be given for your diaper cakes/cupcakes orders, valid until end of the year 2010. Just mention your name and contest link to get the offer.

Note that this is a one-off offer and not valid with any other discounts/offer we might have in the future .


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Giveaway Results are In My Hand

The results from the judges are back! I've got them in my hands now. However, I'm just gonna make my husband go through the short-listed candidates to make sure that we've picked the BEST winner for these 2 categories.

Stay tune, result shall be out either by tonight, or latest by tomorrow, insyaAllah.

And the best part is, we've decided for another EXTRA DIAPER CUPCAKE to be given away for one of the contestant! So make sure you check out this page to know more.


Monday, March 1, 2010

List of Contestants for Diaper Cupcakes Giveaway

Diaper Cupcakes Giveaway has officially closed  on midnight, 28th Feb 2010. Alhamdulillah, eventhough this is the first time organizing such contest, we managed to attract some contestant to try out their luck. Thanks to all who supported us in this.
For now, I'm listing out all the contestants entry links, so I hope all of you can check them out and let me know if I miss out on any of your entry. Judgement will start in 1 or 2 days time, so stay tune for the result!

Newborn Category

Toddler Category

Diaper Cupcake for Aqiqah

This diaper cupcake is a gift for a friend's son who turned 1 year 4 months just recently, and this gift is for his aqiqah ceremony.

Diaper cupcake consists of :
- 7 pieces of L size Drypers
- 1 set of 24 months Wonder Kids pyjamas
- 1 Anakku face towel
- 1 baby panda bathing toy
- 1 soft ball toy

Plus packaging and greeting card

Cupcake priced at : RM55