Monday, March 1, 2010

List of Contestants for Diaper Cupcakes Giveaway

Diaper Cupcakes Giveaway has officially closed  on midnight, 28th Feb 2010. Alhamdulillah, eventhough this is the first time organizing such contest, we managed to attract some contestant to try out their luck. Thanks to all who supported us in this.
For now, I'm listing out all the contestants entry links, so I hope all of you can check them out and let me know if I miss out on any of your entry. Judgement will start in 1 or 2 days time, so stay tune for the result!

Newborn Category

Toddler Category


  1. hi Drama Mama,

    just to answer ur query:
    fyi, i'm temporarily abroad, but i have local ie malaysia mailing address (my kampung)..all my mails+parcels are received and kept by my mom+sister. anyway, i will be going back to msia soon this september.tq

  2. uikk...xde dlm senarai pn....huhuhu.rasanya syarat dh ikut...

  3. mama zharfan : thanks for ur answer

    lisa : sorry dear, i left u out. dah tambah.

    to everyone else please check whether i've include ur entry in the correct category. thanks

  4. hi.. mama, rasanye saya dh join awal2 lg, tp nama x de dlm list plak

  5. chugie : yeah i remember u among the earlier contestants, i dunno why but some of the earlier comments got deleted. Sorry I've added ur link. please check

  6. heheh.. it's ok, as long as u listed mine now! thanx mama!