CD Cakes

For the new year 2011, our resolution is to start supporting the GREEN CAMPAIGN. Thus, towards our commitment to strive for a greener and healthier environment, we introduce to you our new product, that is the Cloth  Diaper (CD) Cake.

Just like the other type of cakes baked by TWS, the customers can customize the CD cakes according to themes, budgets, and other requests. You can personally pick a selection of CDs from our collaborative member , the  BabyCool One-Stop online blogshop, and email your selection to And then we will proceed with the CD order on your behalf.

On another note, the budget for a CD Cake will start from *RM100 onwards (including delivery), and the ingredients included in the RM100 cake would be 1 piece of CD, 1 plushies and 1 other baby items (e.g rompers, bibs, etc).

Be the first customer to order and get this gorgeous hand-made pouch for absolutely FREE!

* RM100 is applicable only to the CD selections that costs RM30 or less