Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cherry Dolly Sold!

Misz Honey also bought the Off The Shelf Cherry Dolly diaper cake we had put up for grabs earlier. As the cake has been a little bit senget benget due to the countless of stunts performed by my little guy, I had to remake them to make it more presentable.

Well, looking at the final outcome, I think I might have to change the name of the cake to 'Polka Dotty Dolly' cake instead!

Thanks for your purchase dear!


  1. wohooo...

    can't wait for the cakes!!!!!
    thanks a lot my teruja and love dealing with u....:)

    -Misz Honey-

  2. misz honey : the pleasure is mine, dear. :-) i hope it'll arrive soon. do let me know is they don't arrive by the end of the week ok.

  3. Salam my dear,

    I've just received the cakes! Thank you so sooo much. Can't wait to open it hiks.

  4. misz honey : cepat-cepat bukak! hiks. the pleasure is mine :-)