Saturday, February 26, 2011

'The Rockstar Baby' Diaper Cake

This order came from Misz Honey, one of my blog readers, as she said. Her initial request was to have a diaper cake similar to The Sheep and the Baseball dc. However, as the items included in that cake are out-of-stock, she suggested other boyish theme that includes either guitar or football or something to that effect.

Influenced by the Korean drama that I was watching at that particular moment the order came in (hehehe!) I immediately came up with this rockstar theme. Oh I loveeeeeeeee rockstars! They! Hehehe.

I hope you like the cake that I baked, Honey agassi! ;-)

Diaper cake ingredients :

- 27 pieces of diapers
- 1 Old Navy baby romper
- 1 baby knee pad
- 1 Carter's bib
- 1 limited edition crocheted booties
- 1 Elmo bottle
- 1 Little Sunshine crib toy
- 1 toy guitar

Plus greeting card, packaging and delivery.

Diaper cake priced at : RM100.00

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