Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Froggy baby cake!

This is an order from my ex-colleague, who wanted a unique, personalized baby cake for her colleague's baby (boy). I'm still waiting for the address to post this cake to. Shall be posted to Ipoh if I'm not mistaken. So Esther, do text me the address as soon as you could ya! :-)

Baby cake ingredients :

- 1 Momscare baby sleepsuit
- 1 Carter's bib
- 1 plushies

Plus greeting card and handling charges

Baby cake priced at : RM65


  1. dee : it's not edible cake dear. something similar to diaper cake, just without diapers. :-)

  2. mula2 ingat kek betul..tapi tengok ramuan nya..hihihi..comel..

    salam kenal...

  3. The pic look nicer than the real product:)