Saturday, December 25, 2010

Cake For Carlissa

I was all excited when I heard a fellow blogger + friend just gave birth to a little angel, so I quickly baked a cake for her in less than an hour!

This cake is for little Carlissa Luthfeeya. After almost 3 years of hanging with 2 boys in the house, I'm sure your momma is glad to have a shopping companion for herself!

And here's something pinky to get her started with! Enjoy each other's company, girls!

Diaper cake ingredients :

- Diapers
- Carter's bib
- Gerber's washclots
- Baby socks

And here's wishing you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, little angel!

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  1. Serious i terharu..thanks for the visit!
    Keep in touch fren! and yeah TQ sooooooooo much!!! Kiss!! @>-----