Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blue and Green Dino Baby

This order came from one of my 'other blog' reader, Azreen. She's also a childhood friend of my cousin. Internet really brings people back together, doesn't it?

She ordered 2 diaper cakes, one for her colleagues and another one for my very own cousin. Her exact request for this particular one is for it to be blue, and to have a dino theme. So this is what I came up with. A blue and green Dino Cake for the boy who has yet to see the world and all it's glorious beautiful colors! Hope the mom-to-be will love the cake.

Diaper cake ingredients :

- 16 pieces of Pureen (M) diapers
- 2 pairs of baby socks
- 1 Bumblebee washcloth
- 1 pair of Carter's bib
- 1 Dino plushies

Plus packaging and greetings card + delivery in Penang Island

Diaper cake priced at RM75

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