Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The-Most-Awaited-Sister Baby Cake

This order came from our return customer, Ely. She wanted a baby cake for her friend, who has yet to deliver the baby. This much anticipated baby is the only sister after3 brothers, hence our excitement in baking the cake!

Hope your friend will enjoy the cake Ely! And thanks for the repeat orders. :-)

Baby cakes ingredients :

- 1 okie-dokie baby romper
- 1 Carter's bib
- 1 plushies

Baby cake priced at : RM55

Plus packaging and postage to KL : RM15

Total amount : RM70

* Baby cake is our own 'invention' which has been adapted from diaper cake. The cake is baked without diapers, in order to suit our customer's requirements.


  1. suka! suka! itu bekground lagikk santekk hahahha

  2. ely : background tu yang mahai youuuu! hahahaha!