Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Snow Monster Baby! Ughhhhhhhh!

This order came from a blogger as well. She ordered a diaper cake for her friend who's in confinement now, at her hometown in Penang.

Diaper cake ingredients :

- 19 pieces of Pureen diapers
- 1 Old Navy romper
- 1 pair of FUBU socks
- 1 Gerber's washcloth

Because she ordered 2 diaper cakes at one time, we decided to throw in a free gift for the 2 cakes.So for this one, it's :

- Free : 1 pair of Anakku bib

Diaper cake priced at : RM45.  Plus box and delivery charges : RM15

Total price for diaper cake : RM60


  1. salam eid mubarak drama mama..uhhh monster tiamia mesti suka:) the funky baby looks nice too..hope you had nice eid mubarak and we doa more good business for new year ya:)