Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sweet Treats For Little Eusoff

This order was received a couple of months earlier but due a couple of weeks after raya. But unexpectedly, the baby popped out earlier and so I had to rush it before raya as I would be busy with the celebration once raya started.

Anyway. Thanks to an old friend of mine for this order. Hope Little Eusoff mama enjoys it as much as we enjoyed baking it!

Diaper cake consists of :

-26 pieces of Pureen S diapers
- 1 set of Mothercare clothing includes :
   - 1 blanket
   - 1 sleepsuit
   - 1 full sleeve jumpsuit
   - 1 baby romper
   - 1 bib
   - 1 pair of mittens and booties
   - 1 baby cap
- 3 pieces of Gerber wash cloths

Plus packaging

Diaper cake priced at : RM100


  1. mama dia sangat gembira..and gembira main doll on behalf of Aisha..tq.. :) nanti i order lagi..

  2. yanie : glad she likes it. thanks for your order ya :-D