Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lollipops for the Little Munchkin!

This is from Kancilbiru to her boss. Thanks Niza for your order. I hope your boss will enjoy them!

Diaper cake consists of :

- 16 pieces Pureen diapers + 4 pieces of Drypers
- 1 Tickle Me baby romper
- 1 piece of Carter's bib
- 1 pair of socks
- 4 pieces of Gerber's wash cloths

Plus packaging and TWS greeting card

Diaper cake priced at : RM50

* Add Delivery via Pos Laju / SkyNet : RM10


  1. wohaa...haku pulak yang tak sabar ni..hahahah..nak hantar dah ker? sungguh saspen...kantoi kat sini..harap2 bos tak baca...ekeke

  2. wow so cute...hehe...x sabar nak ada anak nti bleh la i beli...juz follow ur blog n link u...follow me back okie...=)

  3. they are reallu lovely,looks like the real one and your lil boy becoming artist soon..syok kan tengok,tia mia pun gila colours jugak,water colour their favourite:)

  4. Hi.. replying you visit to my blog..
    What an interesting business you have here.. came just in time sbb i bakal dpt 2 anak sedara lepas raya ni.. a great idea to give a gifts to them :)

  5. thanks everyone!

    ruzanna : thanks. do email me at snbaizurah.idris@gmail.com if you're interested k. :-)

  6. alaa...lollipops takleh makan ;p

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  8. drama mama,cutenyer lollipops,yang dapat mesti happy betul:)sama lah your kenits dengan mine,isap punting,tapi mine waktu malan nak tidur siang keluar jenjalan tahu malu tak nak..and so blessed ada handyman kat rumah kan:)

  9. dear drama mama,selamat hari raya to you ,big guy and lil guy okie,mesti meriah kan penang kan.and selamat mengayakan baju baru okie:)