Monday, February 15, 2010

Fish and Flower for Little Muammar


This is the diaper cupcake requested by my cousin for little Rayn Muammar. As she couldn't come back to Penang for the time being due to her pregnancy, she requested a cupcake that is different from the rest of the cakes that I've made for Rayn, and to be delivered to the little darling. 

I have pretty much included all the basic necessities in all the other cakes, so for this one I tried to keep it minimal yet delightful. The Fisher Price stroller toy is just perfect in this case, cute, colorful and functional. While the fish character bathing glove would add fun to bath time, not only for the little angel but for the parents as well.

Regular diaper cupcake includes:
- 7 pieces of S-sized Drypers
- 1 Anakku printed napkin
- 1 Fisher Price stroller toy
- 1 fish character fun bathing glove

Plus cake platter, packaging, ribbons and 'exclusive TWS greeting card.

Cupcake priced at : RM60

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