Monday, February 15, 2010

Fun With Froggy!


A good friend buzzed me in YM on Friday and asked me if I could take her order for a baby girl, and she would pick it up on Sunday as she would be in Penang on that day. She was pretty worried that I might not take order for what she considered a minimal price, but of course I do!

This diaper cupcake is for baby Haneen Humaira, and she is the long-awaited baby girl after the 2 brothers before her. So I decided to run from the cliche' pink theme (though I swear it was very tempting to shop for pink stuff!!!) and came out with this bold colors instead, to show that  Humaira can certainly live up to her brothers' standard, so don't mess with her, boys!

Regular diaper cupcake includes:

- 7 pieces of S-sized Drypers
- 1 Anakku printed napkin
- 1 Garanimals newborn romper
- 1 pair of fun stripey Tollyjoy crib shoes
- 1 froggy fun bath scrub for little munchkin

Plus packaging, ribbons and 'exclusive' TWS greeting card.

Cupcake priced at : RM55

(And Anty Ayu even gave CNY angpow for Irfan, thanks a bunch AUNTY! ;-p)

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