Saturday, January 1, 2011

Announcement to all our valued customers

Dear valued customers,

As we are always working to improve the quality of the product at TWS, we have to start being more selective on the products we choose to include in our diaper cakes. Thus, starting from 1st January 2011, we herewith announce that the minimum price for a diaper cake with basic ingredients ,which will include diapers and 2 other baby items, would be RM65 per cake.The same goes for baby cakes and birthday cakes.

We have to increase the minimum price so as to provide a better quality product to satisfy our customers. Thank you for your support all these while and we hope to serve you better in the future.

On a different note, as a token of appreciations for those who have been continuing to extend their support on our products, we have decided to start a new tradition for TWS. Every year beginning, we will choose one VIP customer who has placed the highest amount of orders (on separate occasions) with us within the previous year. Our chosen VIP customer of the year get to have one FREE mini diaper cake worth RM50 shipped to anywhere in Peninsular Malaysia, anytime of the year.

And we are pleased to announce that our VIP customer for the year of 2011 is Puan Niza Sabaruddin from Kancilbiru blog. Congrats to our selected customer!


  1. wawi junior

    owh sungguh terharu oke..memang saya akan support TWS sebab i love the products. Unique and hassle free..takyah aku susah2 nak p kedai, pilih barang, nak wrap lagi..

    TWS memudahkan hidupku...eceh...thanks TWS!

  2. kb : haha..thanks for ur support! anyway, bila nak redeem diaper cake do lemme know k. :-)

  3. ok nak redeem sekarang...boleh? hahaha...ofismate nak bersalin hjg bulan ni..:)

  4. niza : email me tu customize ur cake ok!