Tuesday, July 13, 2010

MILO - totally not Diaper Cake related entry!

This is non-related to diaper cake. I would just love to share on some kiddie stuffs.
All these while, I have been preparing a cup of Ovaltine for my little guyto be taken with his breakfast. He loves them just fine.

However, since Bang Nara wrote that jejaka idaman drank Milo and that's why he became cute hebat like that, now I'm thinking to switch to MILO! Especially now that they have the MILO Hidup Bola or whatcamacallit programme, where you can redeem cool cool Adidas Mini Ball by collecting points each time you buy Milo. Not only that, but they're also having such fun  contest as the MILO Hidup Bola games. 

Of course you don't think that I'm gonna participate in that contest, do you? Nak kejar  bola with the little guy pun semput, apa lagi nak lawan ngan all you guys expert footballers out there!  So isn't the big guy, nor the little guy. But perhaps if the little guy starts drinking MILO from now, by the time he's all grown up he would be as good as jejaka idaman. Then his momma could be his manager and get such glorious, glorious attention from the media, as the hottest momma behind the little guy's success!  OH MY! Now I'm even more fired up to switch to the other side!


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