Monday, May 17, 2010

Baby Cake for Little Dakka!

This cake is for a customer who wanted a diaper cake, without diapers. I had a hard time thinking on how to make a diaper cake WITHOUT a diaper. Finally, I decided to use Styrofoam instead.

Anyway, we decided to call this cake, a BABY CAKE. :-)

Thanks to Ely who ordered this for a friend in Jakarta.

Baby Cake consists of :

- 1 piece of Anakku printed napkin
- 3 pieces of  Kyle Deena bibs
- 1 piece of Gerber's romper
- 1 Baby Dino plush toy
- 1 fancy box for packaging
- Plus TWS exclusive greeting card

Baby Cake priced at : RM60 (not inclusive of delivery)
Plus RM10 for courier to KL.

Hope they'll like it Ely!


  1. huwaaa nak nangis sbb sukaaa sgt!!!!

  2. ely : hahaha..comel ok nangis sebab suka. hahaha

  3. babe, dakka sukaaa sgt! cuma xsempat nak snap dia ngan cake tuu :( & eventho cake setingkat aje, separuh luggage la amik ruang seb beik xorder cake 3 tingkat hahahhahaha..

    baby kt s'pore girl tauu.. nnti bila i jumpa dorg u prepare la ape yg patut hihihihi