Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Little Irham turns ONE!

This order came from Suzie, one of the winner of TWS Diaper Cupcake Contest. She's currently residing in the UK, and would love to send something lovely for her nephew in Gombak, who would turn 1 on the 29th April 2010.

The parcel arrived 2 days earlier than his birthday. Hope little Irham have fun with this early birthday gift from your aunties and uncles.

Diaper Cake consists of :

- 19 pieces M size Huggies Dry
- 1 piece of Anakku printed napkin
- 1 pair of Ecko Unltd jeans and T-Shirt
- 1 pair of socks
- 1 Camel plus toy
- 1 wipe and clean book
- 1 TWS greeting card

Diaper Cake priced at : RM150


  1. tqvm...my lil nephew loves it (so do his Mama & Papa ) :)

  2. mama zharfan : glad to hear it. :-)

  3. comelnya...takdak pakej harga ker kalau nk survey..

  4. nieza : this is the package http://twinkywinkystars.blogspot.com/p/diaper-cake-packages.html

    but usually, customers will just tell me their budget (minimum i take is RM55) and I'll give them quotation of things that can be included with that price. :-)

    email me for more info ya snbaizurah.idris@gmail.com