Monday, January 25, 2010

The BEST and Most Practical Gifts for New Parents

Have you ever had difficulties in choosing the most practical and usable gifts for newborns? Let's face this one dilemma that has been plaguing many of us. Hampers are boring and typical! Balloons appeal for celebrations but it's not so very practical, is it? Now, why don't you take one minute to look at what we have to offer, and decide for yourself.

Cake symbolizes celebrations, and diapers are very-very useful for newborns. So DIAPER CAKE will definitely be a hit among the new parents! No matter how many diaper cakes they receive, they'd be utilizing them to the max, and it definitely would not go to waste!

Advantages of diaper cakes compared to other type of gifts :

1) Unique and different than the typical gifts, it'll definitely be a hit among new parents!
2) Useful. All parents would always be happy to receive extra helpings of diapers because it's a basic need for all newborns and babies.
3)Diaper cake is the best solution for those who want to select hand-picked, loose baby items e.g clothes, bottles, soft toys and 'baked' them in the most presentable way.
4) It's the latest trend widely used in other countries, and slowly beginning to get accepted in our country. So, be among the first to introduce it into your community.
5)  Double up as a center piece for celebrations e.g baby shower, aqiqah ceremony etc.

And now, we have good news for those in Penang Island. We offer special delivery of your freshly 'baked' diaper cake  straight to the hospital! Yes, you heard us right. Surprise and enthrall the new parents with these brilliantly-designed diaper cakes that depicts their favorite theme. You can customize the cake from the brand of pampers of your/their choice and top them up with other cool baby gadgets and cute rompers,blankets and whatnots.

So there's no more reason to be common and boring. Be a creative giver and stand out among the crowd! Email us if you have any enquiry and we will answer them all for you, with no strings attach.

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