Sunday, March 17, 2013

Back In Business Promo

To kick start our biz, we are having a "Back in Biz' promo on a cute Mini Diaper Cake. This is an off-the-shelf mini diaper cake, consists of :

- 8 pcs of Pureen diapers
- 2 pcs of bibs
- 1 wash cloth
- 1 Pureen baby talcum
- 1 tub of Pureen nappy rash cream
- 1 pc of 8oz Pureen baby bottle
- 1 plushies

Mini Diaper Cake priced at : RM50

 Email us at : to purchase.

Also, the first custom made order we receive will get free postage from us. Within Peninsular Malaysia only.

*This promo is for a limited time only.
**NP is RM65

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Back in Business

I had been on hiatus for a long, long time. Reason being that I was pregnant since January last year and had a pretty bad sickness throughout the whole pregnancy. Alhamdulillah, gave birth to our little munhckin in October 2012 and he is now already 4 mos old. Time flies!

Anyway, now we are back in business. So keep the orders coming bebeh! :-)

* We are only taking orders for diaper/birthday/baby cakes for now. Due to some technical reasons, we won't be able to take orders for party packages. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Little Miss Sunshine!

This is for my neighbour who had recently delivered a baby girl. Congrats, you guys!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Love Pot Sold!

This love pots for boy is sold to Ms. Zeta! She requested to change the milk bottle to a bib, and so here it is.

It shall be delivered directly to the recipient soon enough. Thank you Zeta for your purchase. :-)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Little Miss Ellie!

This order came from my school friend. She just wanted a unique gift for her ex-employee whose wife had recently delivered a baby girl. So this one is for the little angel! Hope the parents love 'em.

Diaper cake ingredients :

- 16 pcs Pureen diapers
- 1 pc of Ok-Dokie baby girl romper
- 1 pair of socks
- 1 pair of strawberry crib shoes
- 1 baby ellie plushies

Plus handling and packaging (self-pickup)

Diaper cake priced at : RM85

Monday, October 10, 2011

Introducing LOVE POTS!!!

Introducing our new product, The Love Pot for Baby! As this is only a trial product, we are having a few off-the-shelf pots for you to purchase. Each cost RM65 not including postage and handling.

Love Pots for Baby Girl



LPG1 Contents :

- 1 bath glove
- 1Okiedokie romper
- 1 Carter's bib
- 1 pc of washcloth
- 1 pair of socks


LPG2 Contents :

- 1 Ducky stacking toys
- 1 OkieDokie romper
- 1 Carter's bib
- 1 washcloth
- 1 pair of socks

Love Pots for Baby Boy!


LPB3 Contents :

- 1 bath toy
- 1  romper
- 1 washcloth
- 1 sesame street bottle
- 1 pair of socks


LPB4 Contents :

- 1 bath glove
- 1 Carter's romper
- 1 Carter's bib
- 1 sesame street bottle
- 1 pair of socks

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Polka-polka Baby

Hello readers!

Just in case you people had been wondering. I had been on a hiatus mode for quite some months now due to my previous pregnancy. If you've ever been pregnant, I'm sure you understand how those sickness can get to you. But unfortunately, I had a miscarriage when the pregnancy was only 2 months. It then took quite an effort for me to get back the momentum that was lost, but I'm so glad I gained it back.

You know why? Because I had so much fun baking this cake below.

Fatin requested a polka-dot themed baby cake. She wanted a mixture of colors to make the cake FUN and CHEERFUL. I took a risk by using navy blue, among other colors, for this baby girl cake, but I'm so glad that she loves the end product!

Thank you so much Fatin for the order. You're one pleasant customer and I had such pleasure completing the order for you! :-)

Baby cake ingredients:

- 3 pieces of girl rompers
- 1 super adorable Mothercare dress
- 2 pieces of washcloths
- 1 Carter's bib
- 1 pc of polka legging
- 3 pieces of hair clips
- 1 piece of hair band 
- 1 set of Anakku crib shoes
- 1 Anakku rattle
- 1 ABC board book
- 1 plush toy
- * Avent newborn starter set not included in the price

Premium ribbons and greeting card

Baby cake priced at : RM270

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Patrick Star Baby Cake

Second order from the same friend. For this one, she wanted a green cake, and did not specify the theme. As I was shopping for the ingredients, I saw the Patrick plushy and immediately fell in love with it. Hope the recipients gonna love them just as I did!

Baby cake ingredients :

- 1 pc of Old Navy romper
- 1 pc of Carter's bib
- 1 pair of crocheted booties
- 1 Patrick Star plushy

Plus ribbons and packaging (not including delivery)

Baby cake priced at : RM65

Angry Bird Baby Cake

Order from a friend. She requested  black cake, with a hint of red. I may have put in more red instead of black as I couldn't find much attractive black 'ingredients' for the cake that are within her budget. However, I hope she'll love them.

Baby cake ingredients :

- 1 piece of Old Navy romper
- 1 pair of knee pad (can be used for knee protection when baby starts crawling)
- 1 pair of crocheted booties
- 1 nos of Angry Bird plushies

Plus ribbons and packaging (not including delivery)

Baby cake priced at : RM65

Friday, March 25, 2011

Spiderman themed partayyyyy!

Last Saturday, my little superhero and his sidekick both celebrated their birthday. I had fun organizing a mini celebration at my arent's house. Though the attendees were just us some family members, that didn't stop me from going a little bit exaggerated with the decorations.

Of course, since it's not even a full-fledged partayyyy, I did not print out all the invitation, poster and stickers design I made for them. But I'm pretty sure I will do it soon because I just have to include it in their birthdays photo album, so they could be forced to appreciate what I've done for them, in years to come. Heeeeeeee!!!


Do you mommies and daddies out there need help in organizing a themed party for your little ones? Email us  at for further discussions. 

Have a blast weekend everyone!